Sunday, June 20, 2010

My New Alden Boots . . .

I just returned from Portland, Oregon where I found these Alden boots at a
small boutique men's store Winn Perry. The store is located in an industrial
area of Southeast Portland. These are the ultimate in an "old style" boot
good for wet weather. No Gore-Tex, plastic or nylon. The leather is oiled,
reverse chamois. They are fitted with natural rubber crepe soles that have
a leather overlay on the toe. The laces are flat woven and waxed. The boot
has a 360 degree welt and is fully leather lined. Winn Perry is one of a few
Northwestern stores working with Alden-of-Carmel to get Alden shoes in designs
exclusive to each store. Winn Perry is in an interesting building that was
once an assembly plant for the Ford Model T. You can find more information
at or Photographed in the
Highlands of Boise. Update (2012) Winn Perry in Portland is now closed.
Another update (2015) Winn Perry is open again! And this boot is still
on their website.


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